Sun: how to prepare, protect and magnify the beauty of your hair?
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June has finally arrived, bringing along shiny sun, soft warmth and new colors.

The summer is on its way, and as all season’s changes, will be coming some disruptive elements.

Sun, wind, sea water, chlorine will attack the hair during this season.

ABSOLOGY® shines a light today on how to naturally and effectively prepare, protect and magnify the beauty of your hair against UV radiations.

UV radiations: are they harmful towards the hair?

The sun can be an ally to your hair: indeed, its light is the first natural source for Vitamin D for your body, although it is possible to find it in a small amount in food, in avocado for instance. The vitamin D, also called “sun vitamin” helps your body to produce keratin, the protein that gives the hair its elasticity, strength and shine.

Howewer, too much exposure to the sun will have opposite actions.

Progressively of those exposures, UV radiations will weaken your hair scalp by disrupting its balance, and thus decrease your natural production of keratin.

As a result: the internal structure of your hair gets damaged, the hair fiber shrivels, and your hair finds themselves rough, dull and brittle.

Don’t forget: the skin of your head is as sensitive to sun excess as the rest of your body’s epidermis. That is why, in order to take care of your hair we recommend you wear a hat during the summer, as you would put a lot of sunscreen!

How to naturally prepare my hair when summer’s sun arrives and which active ingredients should I privilege?

In order to prepare your hair from the sun, you must take care of yourself first, of your body and your mind. Everything is linked. Some active ingredients are essential to preserve our body from UV radiations.

Special tip: eat one Brazilian nut per day!

Indeed, the Brazilian nut contains selenium, a powerful micro-nutrient which also stimulates the immune system. One single brazilian nut provides the recommended daily intake, since we need only just a little. If you are intolerant, you can find selenium in broccoli, garlic, lentil, white beans and red peppers!

How to preserve from within my hair during summer?

First of all, you must wash your hair with a SUITED shampoo, adapted to your type of hair but also suited for your specific needs.

It is recommended to prefer hydrating cares for your body and hair to be protected from the sun.

We also advise to frequently do hair masks and use nourishing conditioners to keep your hair hydrated. You can find those in your markets or do it yourself: there are real easy and efficient recipes to do with yogurt, avocado or even natural and vegetal oils.

Even if the weather is hot, avoid to wash your hair too frequently: it may damage your scalp.

Before you expose yourself to the sun, remember to apply a protective serum in order to protect your hair from aggressions such as salt, chlorine or heat.

How to effectively protect and sublimate your hair from within?

Healthy & Glowy Hair food supplement, formulated with millet, wheat and vitamins is the natural quality ally that will make the difference in terms of protection and shine.

Here at Absology, we promote every day the importance of balance, of the essential, and of nature, combined with scientific expertise.

We have developed Healthy and Glowy Hair to accompany you all year in order to prepare, protect and magnify the beauty of your hair by combining innovative active ingredients with proven efficiency and suited to bring you the balance you need.

Healthy & Glowy Hair has been formulated to specifically fight from within against external aggressions and to maintain your scalp in good health, responsible for beautiful hair that grow well and fast.

How? Thanks to the synergy of 4 essential active ingredients:

You now have all the principles information to take good care, to protect and sublimate your hair for the summer and those moments of pure wellness ahead!

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