Our ambition

ABSOLOGY® is a new generation of nutricosmetics that promotes a return to the essential.

Combining Italian and French know-how, ABSOLOGY® was born from an ambition, that of combining the best of scientific and cosmetic innovation every day in order to promote new natural formulas, high performance in terms of effectiveness and quality to reveal the innate beauty of every woman acting from within.

Through the Hair Care, Skin Care and Wellness Beauty ranges, Absology® advocates a return to the essential, understood as less is more for body care and the search for balance through refined and superfluous formulas with only patented active ingredients whose effectiveness is proven by clinical studies that act concretely.

ABSOLOGY®, the essentials and nothing more

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What makes Absology products special?

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All of our formulas are designed with patented ingredients with proven effectiveness by scientific studies.

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All of our formulations advocate a return to essential, nothing else!
Our ingredients are of natural origin.
We harvest them in France or in the rest of Europe, and sometimes farther afield, to be sure to combine the highest quality active ingredients with our formulas.

Our formulas offer the best bioavailability to guarantee perfect assimilation, pamper the skin and make it shine, naturally.

The coating of our capsules is of plant origin suitable for all types of diet including the vegan diet.

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We favor recyclable materials to limit our impact on the environment every day. Our bottles are 100% recyclable and our cases are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

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Ensuring the perfect quality of our product development process is essential.

For this, at ABSOLOGY® we rely on partners of excellence, between Italy and France, recognized worldwide not only in the field of food supplements but also drugs.

Our goal is to find the best manufacturer for each type of product we want to develop.

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ABSOLOGY® is committed to keeping the promises made and to favoring direct and transparent communication with its consumers! Your trust is our most precious asset, and one of our values.

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