Our history

The brand was born from an idea of Elisa Cardoni, with strong expertise in the Italian and French pharmaceutical sector, where she first trained in large companies as Marketing and Innovation Manager and then busy with the launch of start-ups, up to the creation of ABSOLOGY®, as a project that combines professionalism and personal convictions.

Absology® is a universe, an art of living, a philosophy of life. An invitation to go back to basics, which we need so much lately, a call for naturalness in its most absolute form and a strong desire to succeed, through products, in illuminating the innate beauty of each woman. Deeply rooted in a holistic vision of beauty, I am today more than ever convinced that beauty is a personal journey and that to make it radiate it is necessary to restore a balance between body and mind, between the outside and inside.”

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Absology® is above all a story of passion.
That of Elisa Cardoni, its founder.

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« The return to the essentials ». With ABSOLOGY® we favor an integrative skin care method, called “in & out”, which allows you to evaluate and choose only the essential ingredients, avoiding the use of superfluous products, in order to have a simpler but more adequate beauty routine . A return to origins beneficial for our skin and also for the planet.


Natural products
Vegan capsules and natural ingredients offering the best bioavailability to guarantee perfect assimilation

Responsible with the planet
Our bottles are 100% recyclable and our cases are FSC certified

Made in Italy and France
Thanks to international partners, we guarantee excellence in the quality of our products.

About Absology®