Which dietary supplement for acne-prone skin?
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Small impurities, a duller complexion, oily skin, comedones and blackheads, so many inconveniences that cause a feeling of epidermal discomfort in people who are victims of acne breakouts.
But what exactly is acne? How to protect yourself with food supplements? And what are the natural active ingredients that can fight against the effects of acne on your skin?

What are the factors favoring the appearance of acne?

Contrary to many prejudices, acne is not the prerogative of adolescent skin. To a greater or lesser extent and differently localized, acne can affect women and men at all ages.
Among the reasons that explain the appearance of acne, there is the most regularly encountered, which consists of an overproduction of sebum which, in the face of certain physiological conditions, can become carried away, but also cutaneous dehydration and abnormal drying of the skin. the skin.

This excess production of sebum clogs the pores of the skin and limits the natural action of the epidermis to fight against the various external aggressions and allow deep hydration of the skin.

Several factors can cause acne-prone skin:

How to treat acne-prone skin with food supplements?

In addition to a more suitable lifestyle, better eating habits and the use of natural cosmetics designed for combination or oily skin types, food supplements against acne help you reduce pimples and blackheads and help rebalance your skin, sebum production.
It is the combination of various active principles and natural ingredients chosen for their beneficial properties on the epidermis that makes it possible to create formulations of food supplements with real virtues for reducing acne pimples, erasing redness, eliminating itching and find healthier and perfectly hydrated skin.

The human body owes its proper functioning in part to its intestinal microbiota, which contains many bacteria whose combined actions are beneficial to maintaining our immune defences, our metabolism and cell regeneration.
It is therefore by bringing natural care from the inside to your body that you allow it to fight against imbalances and restore its role as guarantor of our health in general.

Why choose the ABSOLOGY® Balance Skin acne skin food supplement?

When you choose to treat your acne-prone skin from the inside via the Balance Skin food supplement, it is the combination of different active ingredients and a revolutionary probiotic complex that allows you to obtain convincing results through a healthy routine. focused on skin well-being.
It is in particular through the use of various categories of lactobacilli (probiotic bacteria) within the SynBalance® complex that the entire intestinal ecosystem can be restructured and allow our body to reclaim its natural regulatory and repairing functions.

This SynBalance® complex, at the heart of the ABSOLOGY® formula, will act to reduce inflammation and improve cellular antioxidant potential by combining with the virtues and benefits of other natural nutrients such as:

This combination of natural ingredients with the SynBalance® complex, from which the Balance Skin food supplement from ABSOLOGY® results, is very easy to include in a daily health and beauty routine for a cure of youth and well-being from a few weeks to several months.

Combined with a suitable diet and a balanced lifestyle, the Balance Skin food supplement against acne-prone skin restores your body’s self-regulating functions in the production of sebum, deep hydration of the epidermis and better overall health of the skin. your skin.

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