What food supplement to fight against damaged hair?
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Why do we sometimes have dull hair?

Aggressive or unsuitable hair care for your type of hair, pollution, climatic conditions, heat, poor food hygiene, stress, fatigue, can induce a dull hair, damaged hair, less radiant and lacking vigor.

Too much stress, badly maintained or a deficiency in essential nutrient elements and it is inevitably the appearance of drier and more fragile hair as well as a hindered growth process.

Although a natural beauty routine is recommended to restore shine to your hair, it is above all a question of providing your body with the nutritional resources that will contribute to improving the health of your hair.

For dense and shiny hair, to say goodbye to split ends, broken or damaged hair, a supply of vitamins, minerals and natural trace elements is essential.

Why resort to a natural food supplement for the beauty of your hair?

Nature has this wonderful thing that it is full of different nutrients that can represent completely natural solutions to provide your body with all the essential needs for optimal health on a daily basis and in particular to maintain shiny hair day after day.

It is on the basis of this principle that the human body needs to be considered as a whole and that it suffices to know where to draw from nature to find the nutrients essential to its proper functioning.

For this ABSOLOGY® has formulated a gluten-free food supplement, with ingredients of natural origin.

Our lifestyles and our environment have consequences on our health in general and often leave us very little time to take care of our body, our skin or our hair.

Even when it comes to striving to eat a healthy, balanced diet, making sure we’re meeting our basic needs can be tricky.

The Healthy & Glowy Hair food supplement provides a targeted response by offering you the opportunity to set up a practical, effective and natural healthy hair routine.

What benefits for the hair can be expected from the different ingredients of Healthy & Glowy Hair dietary supplement?

Adopting the Healthy & Glowy Hair dietary supplement means above all benefiting from the virtues of the natural Keranat complex and the various other micronutrients that go into its composition.

How to set up your health routine food supplement for the hair?

To find a more beautiful density of hair, the natural shine of your hair and a great flexibility in styling while limiting hair loss, the food supplement must enter your daily habits.

The natural Healthy & Glowy Hair formulation comes in the form of a vegetable capsule in which the various micronutrients and the Keranat™ complex are inserted. It is advisable to consume two capsules a day, before or after meals.

A healthy hair routine based on this food supplement and for a period of three months provides convincing results and hair that is once again shiny, supple and full of vitality.

In a completely natural way, your hair is protected against oxidative stress and your scalp sees its vascular health improved, two essential criteria for healthy hair.

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