Skin redness, why does it appear and what solutions to reduce it?
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People who have redness of the skin, mainly on the face, but also on various other parts of the body, generally suffer from what is called skin hypersensitivity. It is often the cheeks, the forehead, the chin or the middle area of the face that are affected by the appearance of this redness.

When you have hypersensitive skin, your epidermis is more vulnerable to different stimuli and external aggressions than so-called “normal” skin. In addition to reactions of reddening of the skin caused by your emotions, hormonal disorders, too high a temperature, taking too spicy a food or by contact with an allergenic element, it is the physiological redness of the epidermis that requires to pay great attention to it in order to find a clearer skin.

What can be the causes of skin redness?

The reasons that promote the appearance of redness of the skin are numerous but generally echo a reaction of hypersensitivity to a various stimulus. While on less sensitive skin, the effects will certainly be more discreet, the fact of an alteration in the protective power of your skin barrier can cause a multiplied reaction of the sensory fibers of the epidermis.
Without appropriate care and the restoration of an optimal physiological balance, this redness can be long-lasting and take days, weeks, or even months to subside.

Among the main triggers of skin redness, we can cite:

Intense heat, bad weather, cold, wind, rain, drought, exposure to sunlight, air pollution…

Your emotions are an aggravating factor if you have a so-called hypersensitive epidermis. A feeling of anger, intense and/or regular stress, strong emotions, all these manifestations of your mood will have consequences on the degree of importance of your skin redness.

Sudden or habitual exposure to chemical agents that are potentially aggressive for the skin, the use of unsuitable perfumes or cosmetics or the use of cleaning products highly concentrated in harmful volatile agents… so many circumstances that can harm the health of your skin and cause redness.

A favorable genetic heritage, innate skin dryness, your age, your phototype and the pigmentation of your epidermis or even your lifestyle can have consequences on the reddening of your skin.

How dietary supplements can help you reduce facial redness?

It is difficult, faced with the often hectic pace of our modern lives, to avoid confronting these different factors that trigger skin redness. The best way to restore the functions of your skin barrier is to provide your body with natural nutrients allowing it to organize its fight against external aggressions and to restore a perfect connection of your intestine-skin axis.

It is indeed by taking care of yourself from the inside that you will succeed in regaining radiant healthy skin.
The human body has a specific mechanism that harmonizes around different microbiota, mainly the intestinal microbiota, a place that is home to multiple bacteria, viruses and fungi that have a beneficial interest for your overall health.
Thanks to food supplements comprising natural active ingredients perfectly targeted to restore the balance of your intestine-skin axis, you give your body the weapons to fight against the inflammatory state.

Which dietary supplement to choose to reduce your redness of the skin?

The Balance Skin dietary supplement formulation from ABSOLOGY® contains a set of natural ingredients with protective, moisturizing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory powers, combined with a specifically developed probiotic complex: SynBalance®.

It is based on the observation of the role that the intestinal microbiota plays in the regulation of the natural skin barrier and the overall optimization of the immune defenses that it was obvious to boost this microbiota with new bacteria. lactic acid, and more precisely three categories of lactobacilli, via a revolutionary probiotic complex.

SynBalance®, combined with the beneficial effects on the epidermis of acacia fiber, wild pansy extract, zinc and vitamin B3, gives you access to a food supplement allowing you to eliminate your skin redness on the long term.
Thanks to its vegetable capsules, you can easily integrate this food supplement into your daily health routine.
And to multiply the effects and obtain even more lasting results, ensuring that you adopt a healthier lifestyle and more balanced eating habits remain your best allies.

Get rid of your redness by taking care of yourself from the inside with the Balance Skin dietary supplement from ABSOLOGY®.

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