Seasonal changes: our tips to keep beautiful and healthy hair!
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Freshness has returned, days are getting shorter, and we need to make new adjustments for our lifestyle…yes here we are indeed, autumn is here!

The perfect opportunity for us to share what we know about its real impact on our body, thus our hair. Staying true to our holistic treatment approach, which consists in considering “causes before symptoms”, we wanted to walk you through the effects of seasonal changes on your hair, and of course, help you to acknowledge how to neutralize them and how to maintain beautiful, shiny and healthy hair!

Seasonal changes and influences on the body: a return towards nature

A little reminder: we are, in every possible way, connected to nature. Nothing makes more sense that if we have an influence on nature, nature will always have an influence on us as well.

Each year features its seasons. Between each season, we can notice a real impact on our body, especially on our hair: that is called “chronobiology”. Our body simply reacts in order to adapt to those changes.

During this change qualified as « inter-seasonal”, it is current to notice an enhancement of tiredness: the reason why that happens is simply because our body is suddenly spending more energy without being prepared in order to adapt.

The same applies for your hair: it is frequent during a seasonal change to find them duller and brittle. Autumn’s arrival generally comes with a “seasonal hair loss”: you can loss up to 100 hair per day. At this period, we loss 2 to 4 times more hair than the rest of the year.

Autumn rimes with weakened hair

Autumn’s season’s arrival can be bad for the health of your hair and can cause a significant hair loss, that can be explained by different facts:

How to stop hair loss & strengthen your hair in Autumn?

First of all, opt for a SOFT hair routine, and prefer natural products, even homemade if possible!

Stop seasonal hair loss with a natural solution: Stop & Grow Hair

We are writing it down and yes, it is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: Stop & Grow hair helps reduce hair loss by 50% in 12 weeks, and to improve hair structure and resistance.

The perfect solution to prevent or neutralize hair loss due to autumn, and to stimulate growth.

Stop & Grow hair is a new generation nutricosmetic, formulated by a team of experts in nutrition and cosmetics in order to:

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You now have all the principles information to take good care, to protect and sublimate your hair during Autumn’ season!

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