Keranat™ Complex

Keranat™ has been developed from a variety of millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) cultivated in France, in the Loire Valley.

Patented active ingredient, 100% plant-based and natural, gluten-free, it is an innovative and natural solution to effectively fight hair loss and restore beauty and shine.

Its effectiveness has been demonstrated by 2 clinical studies, 3 ex-vivo studies and 2 scientific publications:

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Key benefits for your hair with the Keranat™ patent

Keranat™ acts directly on the biological motor of the hair: the dermal papilla, restoring a healthy life cycle.

  • It significantly reduces hair loss by around 50% after a 12 week treatment
  • It significantly stimulates cell proliferation in the hair bulb (+140%). Important for optimal hair growth
  • It increases the thickness of the collagen in the connective tissue, which allows better hair anchoring
  • It makes the hair more beautiful, shiny, nourished and softer

1 Results of a scientific study carried out over 12 weeks on 60 users of Keranat™

Satisfaction results

  • 88% of satisfied users
  • 91% of users observed a reduction of hair loss
  • 78% of users noticed a faster hair growth
  • 75% of users find their hair more beautiful and shinier

Results of a scientific study carried out over 12 weeks on 60 users of Keranat™

2 Satisfaction test from a clinical study carried out on 60 users after 3 months of treatment with Keranat™

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