Motherhood and Hair: how to prevent hair loss during pregnancy and after child birth?
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Pregnancy is a powerful time, which comes with many changes on the mind and body, and which won’t stop after child birth.

During their pregnancy, women are under a “beneficial” hormonal influence: their hair are more beautiful, healthier and stronger.

After child birth, their body experience a sudden drop in hormones, which can cause sudden and massive hair loss.

What is there to do to prevent this phenomenon after a baby is born?

Absology answers here all your questions.

Pregnancy: what differences will occur on the hair cycle?

Before going further, please know that the regular hair cycle is based on three phases:

During pregnancy, this cycle is disrupted: estrogens level increase significantly, under a « beneficial » hormonal influence, which also increases the vascularisation of the capillary bulb.

As a result, the hair is more beautiful, healthier, stronger because the telogene phase undergoes a slowdown and hair tends to fall less.

Childbirth: what causes for hair loss?

The first cause is hormonal.

After the birth, estrogens levels will suddenly decrease.

All new mothers will be facing this estrogen drop, which will make hair loss almost inevitable. That being said, hair loss may be of variable strength and durability.

It can sometimes induce a massive and simultaneous loss of hair: it is called a reactional hair loss, which can occur after 2 to 3 months after childbirth, and which corresponds to the end of the regular telogen phase.

Other psychological or physical factors such as stress, general exhaustion due to the arrival of a baby can also have an influence on the cycle of the hair.

The resumption of menses and blood loss usually also cause an iron deficiency.

Finally, as a new mother often lacks of time, her diet is not optimal which takes away some essential nutrients from her body that will disrupt the regular hair cycle.

We do not omit naturally, that to notice this kind of reactional hair loss constitutes another kind of stress in itself! Keep your calm, as the main reason of why Absology is explaining everything here is to better assist you to prevent this phenomenon, unfortunately often unknown by new mothers!

What treatments are to be considered in order to prevent this kind of hair loss?

In order to counter this post-pregnancy hair loss, we recommend one more time for women to choose to take an holistic approach on this, by making sure first of all to the good quality of their diet and sleep.

In order to get more targeted results, here are some additional tips:

Why, and How, Stop & Grow Hair is concretely suited to prevent hair loss after childbirth?

Absology has put at the heart of its formulas, and also in Stop & Grow Hair, the Keranat™ complex.

As a patented active ingredient, 100% plant-based and natural, gluten-free, Keranat™ is an innovative and natural solution to effectively fight hair loss and restore beauty and shine.

Keranat™ acts directly on the biological motor of the hair: the dermal papilla, and after all the disruptions caused by pregnancy and childbirth mentioned earlier, Keranat™ permits to restore a healthy hair life cycle.

Stop & Grow Hair reduces significantly hair loss by 50% after 12 weeks, and stimulates hair growth, by increasing cell proliferation in the bulb which is crucial to an optimal growth of the hair.

Thanks to the synergy of its ingredients which increase collagen thickness around the bulb, Stop & Grow Hair makes hair more resistant, more beautiful, shinier, but also more nourished and less dry.

Finally, Stop&Grow Hair contains iron, which will be of huge relevance during the resumption of menses and the deficiency it comes with, and Biotin, recommended to stimulate natural production of keratin.

Can I take Stop& Grow during pregnancy? And what about if I’m breastfeeding?

In both of those cases, there are none contraindications, as all Absology’s ingredients are from natural origins. But all women are different, that is why we recommend you to always ask your doctor for advice before starting any kind of treatment.

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