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Is your hair dull and damaged? Do you notice that you are losing more hair than usual? Do you know that your hair is very sensitive to the external environment, to the care products you use, to your eating habits or to the various pathologies you may suffer from?

Excessive heat, exposure to the sun, aggressive hair care, temporary fatigue, a state of stress, nutritional deficiencies, an underlying disease… so many factors that can weaken your hair, or even cause hair loss. important.

Although better health of your hair goes through a healthy lifestyle, appropriate care and cosmetics and a healthy and balanced diet, there are nutrients in nature that allow you to restore vigor, beauty and density to your hair. your hair.

Keranat, the natural solution for healthy hair!

Firmly convinced that health in general is an innate mechanism of the human body which simply needs to be provided with the right elements to function optimally, it is on the basis of this principle that we have made the choice to include the complex patented Keranat™.

A formulation that borrows from nature the nutrients essential for growth, maintaining the vitality and vigor of the hair.

Our complex is the basis of our two food supplements for the care of your hair, a responsible and natural nutricosmetic for a more global health.

What is the Keranat complex made of?

To choose our innovative and natural Keranat™ solution, ABSOLOGY® drew nutrients from the plant world to provide the desired efficacy.

Millet is at the heart of our patented active ingredient. This cereal, which belongs to the Poaceae family, has the particularity of not containing gluten and of being the source of many benefits, particularly with regard to its effects on hair health.

Dry and brittle hair, incipient baldness, split ends that you have trouble making silky and shiny, for all these reasons, and many more, millet is ideal for restoring hair to perfect health or for reducing their fall.

Millet and the miliacin it contains are the basis of our active ingredient Keranat™, which we have chosen to enrich with the virtues of vegetable oil extracted from wheat grains. A choice motivated by the high concentration of trace elements with a nourishing and restorative action on the hair and skin.

How does Keranat affect the health of your hair?

Keranat for hair bursting with vitality

Millet is distinguished by a very high concentration of zinc, magnesium, potassium, silicic acid and vitamin B5. All of these natural essential nutrients make up part of our range of food supplements and will promote the cell renewal process, deeply moisturize the hair, optimize the production of keratin and restore all its shine and luster to your hair.

Keranat to fight against hair loss

Stress, postpartum, hereditary alopecia, stress, bad eating habits, autoimmune disease, unsuitable coloring, aggressive hair care, all these external manifestations or pathologies weaken your hair to the point of causing greater and faster hair loss.

The minerals, trace elements and iron contained in millet and miliacin will result in an increase in the level of oxygen in the blood and therefore better blood circulation. This healthier balance in the supply of oxygen will allow the hair to strengthen naturally, thus reducing hair loss and stimulating the regrowth phase.

Keranat to deeply nourish the hair

The Keranat™ complex also derives its effectiveness from the linoleic acid present in large quantities in wheat. The oil extracted from the seeds, which is part of the composition of our patented natural active ingredient, is rich in linoleic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid, all essential fatty acids which bring softness, shine and suppleness to your hair.

How to include the Keranat complex in your beauty and hair health routine?

Keranat™ is an active ingredient whose formulation is patented and which has been the subject of clinical studies and scientific publications proving its effectiveness.

ABSOLOGY® has chosen to include the Keranat™ complex in the composition of our food supplements for natural hair care.

Stop & Grow Hair to fight hair loss and Healthy & Glowy Hair for dull and damaged hair. By adopting these food supplements, associated with a healthy and balanced diet, you work daily to reduce hair loss, stimulate cell renewal, increase the vitality of the hair bulb and to find shinier hair, less dry hair.

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