Hair: why make the choice to take a food supplement?
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ABSOLOGY® makes of transparency one of its most fundamental values.

That is why to offer you a line of natural products is good.

To advise and clearly explain their benefits supported by scientifical proven evidence, that’s even better.

What do nature, body, spirit and hair have in common?


When this balance is altered, it clearly shows.

Whereas a healthy diet must be combined with physical exercise, the same logic must be applied to haircare.

Healthy and strong hair are the reflection of your physical and mental shapes.

That is why, in order to have strong, shiny and dauntless hair, a mere cosmetic routine won’t suffice. In your quest of absolute wellness, you need to act from within and choose an « Inside out » beauty approach.

What is « inside out » beauty?

The« inside out » beauty concept is a global and holistic approach which consists in taking care of your inner and outer self by combining to your cosmetic care food complements in order to enhance and magnify the use of regular topical care.

The idea is to treat the cause before symptoms. Here at ABSOLOGY®, it’s all about acting directly on your hair from within, thus turning it tangibly stronger, shinier and more resistant.

How? Nutricosmetics will gradually release active ingredients to the whole body to answer specific needs such as hair loss, dry dull and brittle hair, and act on the scalp, which is accountable for the beauty and good health of your hair.

What results on your hair are to be expected from the millet?

Keranat™ is a 100% natural, gluten free and patented ingredient extracted from a millet variety, which is a cereal.

Harvested in the Loire Valley, in France, millet seeds have a peculiarity: they contain a very rare molecule called miliacine that have proven it efficiency on the biological motor of hair. In a nutshell, scientific studies have shown that Keranat™ restores a healthy life cycle, and enhances its vitality. It acts directly on the growing phase of the hair, because it is during that phase that we need to intervene to strengthen the hair structure to make it stronger, more resistant and rooted to the scalp in order to diminish hair loss.

Keranat™ deals against hair loss by stimulating growth but mostly by regenerating hair in an unseen way thanks to its efficient ingredients.

That is why ABSOLOGY® has made the conscious choice to put millet oil at the very core of its formulas. Specific and unique formulas that use only 4 ingredients, all natural and with scientific results proven. Nothing more than the essential.

How to optimize the efficiency of my ABSOLOGY® treatment?

Because ABSOLOGY® is a lifestyle, you need to see the treatment as a wellness ritual, regenerating and daily, that will help taking care of yourself and of your hair.

First visible results will occur after 6 weeks, and we advise you to start a minimum program of 3 months to obtain lasting and visible results. You can also start with 6 months program, with a month break in between, and start over. To make it real efficient, keep in mind the balance mentioned on the beginning of this article. Choose a hair routine with appropriate topical cares, natural formulas, ideally without silicone or paraben, that tends to damage your hair more than it will bring shine or volume.

Try to regularly massage your head for a wellness feeling but also in order to stimulate hair growth.

Finally, combine the take of ABSOLOGY® complements with a healthy diet to give your body, thus your hair, all the nutriments they need!

Prefer fruits and vegetables with high concentration of vitamins, essential fatty acids and trace-elements.

Tips and recipes on that topic will soon be available in the ABSOLOGY® Journal and will help to your reach balance and enlight your inner beauty.

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