Hair & pollution: how to protect, strengthen and magnify your hair?
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September also means a return to your city life. Which makes it difficult to escape from multiple forms of pollution and their consequences on the body. As a logic follow up on our article on Sun: how to prepare, protect and magnify the beauty of your hair? We offer you a seasonal article on the different types of pollution (yes indeed, there a more than one!), their demonstration & effects, but also good habits to take in order to have beautiful, strong and healthier hair.

Just so you know, there are two types of pollution: outside pollution, and inside air pollution. A lot of articles are already available about the subject of outside pollution: micro particles, exhaust fumes, industrial wastes, those free radicals drop off everywhere: on our hair, our skin and inside our body.

Today, we thought it would be interesting to offer a zoom in on inside pollution, underrated and yet, when we look back to the past year, has had a lot of consequences on our hair. Beware of stereotypes as the air is often more polluted inside our homes than outside!

What are the different polluting agents of inside air and what effects on my hair?

We don’t always know this, but furniture and other decoration objects are in fact sources of pollution inside a house, as our living habits like cooking or cleaning alter air quality. Dusts, persistent humidity, cleaning products emanations, fine particles that come from cooking or heaters… our body, thus our hair, are daily strained.

Those pollutions act on several levels, which are responsible, on short term as long term, of a decreasing health of the scalp, because they fasten cells aging and unbalance the natural order of body regeneration. Those pollutions are at the origin of greasy hair (or a defensive overproduction of sebum), of hair scurves and can cause an acceleration of hair loss and a slower growth.

Hair fiber has a tendency to absorb and to keep each substance, that you eat or breath, and sometimes keeps some small traces for a few days or even weeks. Those particles will drop off and saturate the scalp & hair lengths which will on the long hall change and weakens the natural aspect of your hair.

To sum up, your scalp is like a sponge: that is why you MUST, to complete your hair care routine (topical and food supplements ) maintain good habits in order to improve the quality of the air in your house.

3 Tips to improve the quality of the air in your house… your hair will be grateful.

  1. VENTILATE! Even during winter, it is major to aerate your accommodation at least an hour a day to allow air to renew itself and to reduce inside pollution, even if it means to let in outside pollution. According to health experts, better that than not to.
  2. Restrict and choose wisely your cleaning products: One or two multi-surface cleaners (with an ecological label on it, even better) will suffice. As Absology promotes, go back to the essential and try out a “bio-cleaning” approach. For example, white vinegar is a great solution, as it works as a disinfecting, descaling and degreasing agent for about everything you need to clean. You can also make your own detergent with Marseillan soap… easy and fast to make!
  3. Stay well informed on what you buy and be careful about ingredients: furniture, decoration objects, and prefer inside perfumes with natural ingredients: as you would be for food or cleaners, take the time to carefully read all the information put at your disposal, pictograms, or lists of ingredients. Choose European labelled products.

Pollution: how to protect and repair my hair ?

Fact: inside and out pollution increases oxidative stress and daily attacks your body and hair.
Here are some haircare tips that might be helpful for you to use outside but also at home.

Healthy & Glowy Hair, to fight free radicals of pollution

Healthy and Glowy Hair, will help protect hair against free radicals from pollution, thanks to the powerful antioxidant action of the vitamin complex A&E.

It also maintains the scalp and good health, by giving it back its balance, significantly reducing the dryness of the scalp which causes irritation and helps prevent skin aging.

Stop & Grow Hair, to fight against hair loss and a slower growth due to pollution

To prevent your hair from falling and to break, Stop & Grow Hair is an efficient solution to fight against polluting agents: it reduces hair loss by 50% after 12 weeks, stimulates growth thanks to its natural Keranat complex. By combining Keranat to biotin, it makes the hair stronger by increasing collagen thickness of the scalp tissue.

You now have all the principles information to take good care, to protect and sublimate your hair from everyday pollution!

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