Clean and bright skin: why is everyone talking about gut?
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We don’t know if you’ve noticed that, but we did: we hear more and more experts talking about the gut as a “second brain”.
That reminds us of 2014 Giulia Enders best seller: “GUT, the inside story or our body’s most underrated organ” where she explains, through an educational yet fun and light tone, all the unsuspected connections between the gut and everything else… from our body, to our spirit.

Today, we wanted to talk about this subject by connecting it to skincare: and especially to talk about this underrated link yet well existing, the “gut-skin” axis.

What does it mean? Why, and how skin problems are connected to our digestive system? How external factors such as stress, diet, hydration will have an influence on this relationship?

Here at ABSOLOGY®, we have decided to explore and to tell you everything we come across.

Healthy skin: emotions, digestion & microbiota’s part

The correlation between skin and gut – “gut-skin” axis- has been officially established by scientifics for a while now: imbalances in intestinal flora can affect the skin by inducing a “systemic inflammation” that can cause skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis (AD) or acne.

“The concerned theory showed a correlation between emotional states, intestinal microbiota, and skin systemic inflammation, through the well know gut-skin-brain axis. This correlation has now opened many opportunities to act upon different skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis and more.”

To sum it up and simplify, we offer a caricatural yet self-explanatory example: nowadays you may feel a little blue, you are suffering from different factors of stress. You have enough on your plate than to think of restraining yourself so your diet may not be optimal nor balanced. It is, and you know it, too rich? Well, the answer to those excesses from your gut can manifest itself through pimples or inflammatory reactions.

Here at ABSOLOGY®, we will never stop insisting on the importance of the holistic approach – and the importance of treating causes before symptoms.
We also wish to present a feel good approach of skin problematics and to provide you with concrete and efficient solutions – and obviously provide you with all the information you need to properly understand everything.

Probiotics & Prebiotics: what’s the difference?

If you didn’t already know this, know that your body has its own life! More than life, an authentic microcosms, that we call microbiota: a set of beneficial microorganisms, naturally present in a specific environment, that fill essential functions in good health. Bacteria, parasites, mushrooms : don’t mind their names, as we repeat, they are in there to PROTECT us. Remember, nature is perfectly done.

There are many different microbiotas existing in our bodies – but we’ll focus here on the intestinal microbiota to explain the complementary difference between probiotics and prebiotics.

Probiotics are agents naturally living in our body, that participate in the proper functioning of different actions such as digestion, immunity…and that you can take in food supplements forms in your quest of balance. How probiotics can play a positive role in reducing the occurrence of skin distress is due to their indirect help in improving intestinal microbiota restauration, to provide good fat acids which will have a barrier effect and will stimulate immune defenses.

As far as prebiotics are concerned, they are your microbiota “delicacy”: it does not “need” it to properly function, but prebiotics do have a booster action towards the probiotics.
Prebiotics will help increase the production of beneficial strains by supporting the probiotics and will help improve intestinal health: thus, they will improve skin health as well.

ABSOLOGY® answers this problematic by launching Balance Skin

One of ABSOLOGY®’s mission is to offer your nature’s essentials combined with scientifically proven efficacy. By launching Balance Skin, we tell you this once again… but now, we tell you with flowers (you’ll get quickly why!)

Now that the correlation between skin problems and your digestive system has no secrets for you, it’s time to stray the potentials skin problems that might occur from intestinal unbalance:

To answer those different problematics, ABSOLOGY® has decided to use a patented probiotics complex called SynBalance® and to associate it in its formula to prebiotics and other specific ingredients.

These proprietary strains were selected for their remarkable performance in modulating the inflammatory state and improving the cellular antioxidant potential. Recent studies have shown the importance of the gut-skin axis that connects gut dysbiosis with skin inflammation. In summary, intestinal dysbiosis can influence intestinal absorption, allowing toxins or inflammatory agents to enter the bloodstream and eventually reach the skin. SynBalance® will concretely act on skin hydration from within, reduce inflammations and itching, and improve skin elasticity by 45%. Also, SynBalance® will help out the production of group B vitamins (B7, B9, B12), known to help maintain normal skin.

As for prebiotics, ABSOLOGY® called for flowers and used Acacia Fiber into Balance Skin development. Acacia fiber is an excellent and efficient prebiotic, which will boost Synbalance complex by stimulation the growth of micro-organism, which will maintain a good intestinal and act on skin supleness and hydration.
Wild pansy will help maintain the skin in good health by promoting the elimination of toxins and contributes to clear skin. They so add a balancing effect to the treatment.

To keep on offering a synergic yet optimized action, ABSOLOGY® added to Balance Skin formula vitamin B3 to help maintain a good skin hydration and prevent from skin aging, but also zinc, a very useful nutrient that was chosen for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Finally, we have already led a satisfaction study to support our research from 80 users that were suffering from atopic dermatitis (more or less severe) and to conclude this article, we wanted to share our data that will corroborate how important it is to act on the “gut-skin” axis!

You want to know more? Meet us on our patent SynBalance® page, or directly on Balance Skin product page!

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