4 tips to protect and take care of your hair in winter
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Winter is coming ( yes there were no other translation for it ) and as we have already noticed, cold is here. During winter, hair, such as skin, have a tendency to easily get dry, dull, brittle, as our hair fiber weakens. Such as solar rays and pollution, cold is becoming another external aggression for our hair.

Absology gives you 4 tips to take care of you, and to magnify and protect your hair never minding the temperature! You will notice it quickly enough, this season key word is DELICACY.

Be gentle with your scalp, massage your hair and use soft shampoo

In order to maintain a healthy scalp, feel free to make of washing your hair your new wellness routine! Delicately massage your scalp to stimulate a good oxygenation, without forgetting to apply it on lengths. Favor a lukewarm water rinse, even cold water for the most audacious – and use once a week a suited conditioner for a better hydration ( shea butter and argan oil will become your new besties )

Once out from the shower or bath, choose a warm towel to ease the absorption of active ingredients.

Avoid to go outside with wet hair

To go outside with wet hair deprives them from their hydrating agents, which constitutes another aggression and will make them even more vulnerable. We recommend an open air natural drying by staying home in a warm temperature! We mostly talk here about curly hair, in order to respect their natural fiber and to preserve a natural curly locks formation. For thiner hair, and for those who are looking for more volume, feel free to pre-dry your hair at lukewarm temperature, then add a suited hairstyling foam to finally let them naturally dry. And another tip for even more volume : dry your hair head-down!

Replace your brush with a wide tooth comb to ease on capillary fiber

Such as the hair dryer, the hairbrush can also harm a good hair structure and resistance.

In order to avoid breaking healthy hair by catching on by mistake weakened fibers, we opt in winter for a new delicate detangling technique : apply a dry oil, massage your scalp with the top of your fingers with circling movements that will relax the scalp, stimulate blood circulation and also invigorate the outside structure of the hair.

Care for your hair from within, and fight from negative effects of the cold by choosing one of our 2 food supplements

Thanks to the daily intake of a food supplement, you can choose between two targeted actions according to your special needs :

Action: Stop and Grow Hair, the perfect solution to prevent or neutralize hair loss due to seasonal change, and to stimulate growth.

During winter, it will be useful to fight effectively against hair loss, stimulate hair growth and regenerate damaged hair from seasonal change and pollution free radicals. It will also improve hair structure and resistance, strengthen and make the hair shinier.

Reaction: opt for a revitalizing and invigorating care : Healthy and Glowy Hair. This supplement will help protect hair against free radicals from cold and pollution, thanks to the powerful antioxidant action of the vitamin complex A&E.

It also maintains the scalp and good health, by giving it back its balance, significantly reducing the dryness of the scalp which causes irritation and helps prevent skin aging.

A supportive solution to nourish from within and bring health, strength and shine to hair that were mishandled by the winter.

As our seasons, 3 months is the recommended duration to certify reel benefits and results of a hair food supplement, by taking 2 beauty capsules per day, in between meals.

By taking care of yourself from within, and especially thanks to its patent complex and natural, performant and high quality ingredients, your hair will be restoring volume and shine, while still being protected this time a year.

And this is fortunate as we actually have just launch just for you beauty boxes of 3 months programs adapted to your needs!

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