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3 Bottles of 60 vegetable capsules
3 months of treatment

Are you looking for a concrete and natural solution to restore healthy, hydrated and clear skin, and free it from blemishes, inflammation and itching? Look no further, and test the scientifically proven effectiveness of our 3 month Balance Skin program.

ABSOLOGY® Balance Skin, thanks to its innovative formula targeting the "gut-skin" axis based on plants, nutrients and a patented probiotic complex, is formulated for reactive and sensitive, atopic, blemish-prone and prone skin acne.
Even if the first results are visible from 28 days, we recommend a minimum treatment duration of 3 months, in order to obtain optimal and lasting results!





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+ Improves the suppleness of the skin 1

+ Increases skin hydration 1

+ Reduces significantly skin discomforts such as dryness, the feeling of tight skin, itching, peeling of the skin 1

+ Relieves inflammation 1,3,4

+ Maintains the skin in good health by promoting the elimination of toxins and contributes to clear skin 2,3.

1 - Michelotti, A., Cestone, E., De Ponti, I., Giardina, S., Pisati, M., Spartà, E., & Tursi, F. (2021). Efficacy of a probiotic supplement in patients with atopic dermatitis: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. European Journal of Dermatology, 1(1); 2 Wild pansy, thanks to its richness in flavonoids and saponosides, helps to rebalance and maintain the skin in good health; 3,4 Vitamin B3 and Zinc help maintain normal skin.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bicocchi A. (Épinay-sur-Orge, France)

Vraiment bien

Angela (Rome, Italy)
My journey to clear skin and how Absology has helped me in this process!

In my early twenties I started having severe acne issues which often made me feel uncomfortable and frustrated. At the beginning I thought using the right skincare products would help me get rid of my acne problem but in fact it didn’t help me much at all, it even made my skin worse at some point because the creams that i got prescribed for by different dermatologists were to aggressive for my skin. I felt helpless and confused because I didn’t see any results even after an year and a half of using different skincare products, so I decided to go to my doctor and see if something else is causing the reason for my acne problem. After doing different checkups and analysis it turned out that I was diagnosed with hormonal acne. I was finally given the right prescription/ therapy for my acne problem and i started noticing my skin getting much better over a period of 6 months. After one year I stopped having severe acne outbreaks which made me feel really happy but to be honest at some occasions i would still get a few outbreaks on my face and the healing process was not so fast because my skin tissue was damaged due to my previous acne problem. I wanted to try out a natural supplement that would target my problem and i found it with the Absology Balance Skin product! Honestly i love this product because it actually works!! In the past i was a bit skeptical about buying dietary supplements because i felt that they might not work or that they are too expensive but Absology managed to prove me wrong. First of all, Absology has a great customer service approach. The shipping process was smooth and I didn’t have to wait a long time for the product to be delivered. Second, I love that the pills are not too big and that they don’t have any type of particular smell. Above all I love that i saw an instant improvement in my skin within the first 3 weeks of using the product. My skin started to recover! The occasional outbreaks that i had were significantly decreased and the skin tissue healing process was much faster! After using the product for 3 months i saw such great improvements on my skin which made me feel so happy and most important it restored my confidence again!!
My key takeaway for people who suffer with severe skin problem issues is to always listen to what your body is telling you because throughout my past experience i know now that the problem is always caused from something that’s happening inside of the body.

Emi (Paris, France)
une cure parfaite

Après deux mois de cure, je constate une amélioration de la qualité de ma peau, mon teint plus lumineux et les imperfections ont disparus. Je recommande vivement les produits ABSOLOGY. la cure de trois mois Stop & Grow Hair est très efficace aussi en particulier après la grossesse.

Catherine R. (Nanterre, France)
Le soin que j'attendais pour ma peau fragile

Ma peau est très sensible et très réactive de nature. Depuis que je prends ce complément mon teint est unifié, lisse et beaucoup plus éclatant. Ma peau semble plus hydratée et je n'ai plus de petites imperfections ni de rougeurs. C'est un petit miracle.

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