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ABSOLOGY® is a name taken from our imagination.

We wanted to say how much beauty is essential to us but also how much science is part of this equation.

We wanted to offer the closest possible formula to your way of being and to nature.
We also wanted a universal name that everyone could understand and pronounce, which also reflects our conviction as well as Italian and French know-how.

Because beauty is multiple, ABSOLOGY® is the promise of a return to essential.
Based on this principle our team designs day after day, with the greatest experts in beauty and well-being, care products which combine the best of nature with scientific expertise so that the beauty that comes from inside shines outside too.

The essentials and nothing else.

Welcome to the world of ABSOLOGY®!

ABSOLOGY® is above all a story of passion.
That of Elisa Cardoni, its founder.

«Italian, I have been living in Paris for 6 years. After more than fifteen years spent in the pharmaceutical industries as Marketing and Innovation Manager for new products in Italy and France, I decided to create my own brand. ABSOLOGY®.

My professional background has allowed me to travel a lot. These trips have fed me. I had great encounters there, either whether with leading scientific representatives or women coming from different cultures.

My work, my passion, forged in me an intimate conviction that it is possible to design specific care products combining the best of what nature can offer us with innovation & scientific excellence. Expertise, attention to detail, designing "clean" formulas that demonstrate their effectiveness through scientific studies is the basis of the creation of ABSOLOGY®.

And today more than ever, I am convinced that beauty is a personal journey and that to make it shine, breathe and express itself, it is necessary to establish a balance between nutrition, physical exercise and care products respectful of our skin and our body.

All of this represents ABSOLOGY®. Welcome to its world »


High-performance products

Patented ingredients with proven effectiveness by scientific studies.

Natural products

Vegan capsules and natural ingredients offering the bes bioavailability to guarantee perfect assimilation.

Responsible & committed

Our bottles are 100% recyclable and our cases are FSC certified.

Made in Italy & France

We rely on partners of excellence to ensure the perfect quality of our product development process.