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affron® is an extract of premium saffron (Spanish variety of Crocus sativus L.) grown in Spain.

It helps to induce a state of relaxation, relieve anxiety and stress, reduce tension by promoting mental and physical well-being.

affron® is the most featured saffron extract in publications worldwide reaching a potential audience of 6 million people.

Its effectiveness has been demonstrated by 8 clinical studies.

affron® was recognized as Ingredient of the Year in the Cognitive Function category at the 2020 NutraIngredients USA Awards.


Scientific results

+ Promotes a state of relaxation and mental and physical well-being1

+ Promotes a good mood1, by reducing certain daily mood disorders (such as feelings of irritability, nervousness, fatigue or dejection)

+ Improves sleep2 in 28 days:

  • quality of sleep (after 7 days)
  • reduction in the number of awakenings after the onset of sleep
  • increased alertness on waking

+ Improves mood in postmenopausal women with no estrogenic effect after 12 weeks2 :

  • 33% reduction in anxiety symptoms
  • 32% reduction in symptoms of depression

1 Kell G., et al. Complement Ther Med. 2017 Aug; 33:58-64 - randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study (N=128) affron® intake of 28mg/day for 4 weeks;
2 Lopresti AL, et al. Journal of Menopausal Medicine. 2021;27:1-13 - a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study (N=128) affron® intake of 28mg/day for 12 weeks

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