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Which dietary supplement for hair growth?

Complément alimentaire pour la croissance des cheveux

Before understanding which supplement is the most suitable for hair growth, it is important to understand the composition of a hair.

The main component of our hair is keratin, a fibrous protein naturally produced by our body and also found in body hair, skin and nails. It is she who will give elasticity, shine and strength to the hair. The rest of a hair's structure is made up of sebum, a fatty compound from our sebaceous glands, and a little water.

Melanin is a natural pigment that determines the color of our hair.

The primary function of hair is to protect the top of the head and to fulfill their role, it must be healthy, full of vigor and strength.

The hair shaft is the visible external part and the root is the internal part which will lead the growth via the blood capillaries.


Why does our hair fall out?


Unfortunately, hair has a limited lifespan. They respond to a classic natural pattern which wants the hair to grow, fall and regrow according to an immutable rhythm which leads it to live different stages:

  • The growth phase or anagen phase during which the cells located at the root level will divide and proliferate thanks to the nutritive contribution which circulates in the blood capillaries and which feeds the hair. It is this cell division that causes hair growth.
  • The transition phase which sees growth slow down while continuing to strengthen the hair and allow it to play its protective role.
  • Finally, the telogen phase is the last stage of the hair's life process, which corresponds to a stage of resting then falling. It is then at the anagen phase to resume the cycle!

Most of the hair that makes up your hair is continuously in the growth phase. Only a tenth of them are prone to fall. Every day, in a normal context, without the presence of aggravating factors, we all lose on average between 50 and 80 hairs which will have lived between 2 and 7 years depending on the individual.

This diversity of periods of growth and fall allows us to always maintain dense hair.


What is the role of dietary supplements in the fight against hair loss?


The health of our hair, its ability to grow and its shine largely depend on the nutrients we provide to our body.

For optimal hair growth and health, our hair needs a supply of essential micronutrients such as proteins, minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

Our lifestyles and eating habits often undermine our ability to meet all of our body's nutritional needs, causing shortages. While they can sometimes go unnoticed, these deficiencies are the main responsible for the ailments encountered by our hair, which then falls out more often and more, which is no longer as vibrant or shiny with health.

The implementation of a healthy routine thanks to the natural food supplement Stop & Grow Hair, formulated by ABSOLOGY®, makes it possible to fill these deficiencies and to respond in a very targeted way to the daily nutritional needs of your hair.


The Stop & Grow Hair food supplement to fight against hair loss!


Convinced that nature is able to provide the nutrients essential to human health, ABSOLOGY® is revolutionizing skincare, hair by offering natural, gluten-free nutricosmetics, derived from plants and highly effective.

It is the micronutrients that go into the composition of the Stop & Grow Hair food supplement that allow all women to maintain dense, less sparse hair and to fight against hair loss thanks to the combined benefits of:

  • Patented Keranat complex, which borrows its nourishing and restorative properties from millet for greater vigor and better hair hold.
  • Artichoke extract, a plant rich in vitamins A, B and C, calcium and phosphorus, natural active ingredients essential for better hair growth and to give more volume to the hair by densifying the cells.
  • Iron, essential for good scalp health and hair growth. Absorbed at the level of the root by the cells of the hair bulb, iron will promote the reproduction of hair. An iron deficiency being one of the aggravating factors of hair loss, its strong presence in a natural food supplement makes it possible to overcome this lack and to provide all the resources essential to hair growth.
  • Finally, Biotin, or vitamin B8, a natural micronutrient that promotes hair growth and guarantees greater longevity, thus limiting the phenomenon of hair loss.
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