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How to effectively fight against skin imperfections?

Comment lutter efficacement contre les imperfections de la peau ?

Whatever your skin phototype and regardless of your age or condition, skin imperfections affect both adults and adolescents, oily, combination or dry skin...
Scars, pimples, pigment spots, imperfections that impact the shine and radiance of your complexion.

What are the actions to take? How to find clear, smooth and healthy skin? How are nutricosmetics an appropriate response to fight against skin imperfections?
Before determining how our body can naturally prevent the appearance of skin imperfections, it is necessary to define what causes these small defects that make your complexion less luminous.


What causes skin blemishes?


When we approach the subject of skin imperfections, we often think of the scars that acne, especially juvenile acne, can leave during the period of puberty, for example where blackheads, comedones or microcysts are regular.
However, there are many other causes that will cause skin defects to appear. Adults of all ages can experience blemishes in the form of large pores, scars, dead skin, or areas of shine and other spots on the skin.

While dry skin will be subject to more frequent problems of dehydration and lead to skin lesions, combination skin and oily skin, through an excess of secreted sebum, will present a breeding ground for the appearance of imperfections.
Other factors will influence the health and beauty of your skin:

  • Stress, anxiety, anxiety and all negative emotions.
  • Physical and mental fatigue.
  • Hormonal disorders: pregnancy, menstrual cycle, means of contraception, menopause...
  • The hereditary character.
  • The environment with atmospheric pollution, temperature variations, dust...
  • An unhealthy lifestyle, in particular through the consumption of alcohol or tobacco.
  • Unsuitable and/or aggressive cosmetic treatments.
  • Eating habits that open the door to physiological imbalance.


What if food supplements could prevent blemishes?


The human body is made up of different microbiota, groups of microorganisms and bacteria that act in symbiosis with our physiology. The intestinal microbiota and the skin microbiota together form a line of defense for our immune system.

It is proven that there is an interconnection between the organs of the intestine and the skin. This intestine-skin axis, when perfectly balanced, makes it possible, among other things, to optimize the functioning of the skin barrier and the hydrolipidic film which regulate the evaporation of water between the dermis and the epidermis, improving health. overall of our skin.

For this connection between these two organs to be efficient, the intestinal microbiota must have all the natural resources it needs. Bacteria known as lactobacilli play a fundamental role in establishing this interface and the perfection of our skin barrier.
Nourishing your body from within to treat and prevent skin imperfections then takes on its full meaning. In our modern way of life, it is sometimes complicated to indulge in a diet that protects us from deficiencies or too much intake.

An anti-blemish food supplement that counters the deleterious effects of a lack of lactobacilli and targeted natural nutrients is the perfect answer to offer your body to maintain radiant skin full of vitality.


Which anti-imperfection food supplement to choose?


To adopt a natural care routine designed to eliminate and prevent the appearance of your skin imperfections, ABSOLOGY® has developed a specific formulation with an innovative complex: SynBalance®.

Thanks to its probiotic strains specifically selected in the modulation of inflammation, the association of SynBalance® with natural ingredients recognized for their benefits on the skin make it possible to obtain a significant reduction in cutaneous discomfort, greater suppleness of the epidermal tissues, reduced inflammation and better hydration.

This complete dietary supplement combines the effects of the SynBalance® probiotic complex with:

  • Acacia fiber from gum arabic for its effect on intestinal permeability.
  • Wild pansy extract for the tannins and flavonoids contained in this flower, which help tighten pores, reduce sebum secretion and purify the skin flora.
  • Zinc, a trace element that improves the effect of collagen and elastin synthesis, two essential components for the firmness and elasticity of the epidermis.
  • Vitamin B3 which regulates skin hydration and strengthens the protection of the skin barrier.

Including the Balance Skin food supplement from ABSOLOGY® in your health routine, combined with a balanced lifestyle and healthier eating habits, is the guarantee of getting rid of all those little imperfections that usually reduce the complexion and the radiance of your skin.

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