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In & out Beauty: ABSOLOGY® ‘s summer guide of seasonal food healthy for your hair !

Beauté In & out : les aliments de saison bons pour la santé de vos cheveux !

To take care of oneself and to enlighten natural beauty is a process that begins from within. To choose a food complement, is to understand that we always need to establish a balance between nutrition, physical exercise and care products respectful of our body in order to optimize each benefit and to get VISIBLE results.

It is with this in mind that ABSOLOGY® has decided to support you daily, and to offer you here a summer guide of natural and seasonal ingredients in order to complete and optimize your haircare routine!


Why is it important to combine a healthy diet when you use a food supplement?


The answer is within its name. A food complement has for aim to complete our diet and to bring to the body all essential nutrients for it to properly function, in appropriate quantities, quantities that are often being diminished by our consumption habits.

For example, the cooking process can rob food from nutrients, vitamins and minerals contents: it becomes possible for us to develop deficiencies without even knowing it, since cooking can change the nutritional profile of food products …without any warning!


What are the 3 habits that should be adopted in order to better consume those natural nutrients?


  1. Include in your diet the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables to preserve their natural nutrients concentration
  2. Buy appropriate cookware to limit nutrient loss: the more you cook a fresh ingredient, the more likely it is that the nutritional value will decrease. It is therefore preferable to recur to steam cooking and not water, and to choose nonstick cookware, ceramic or non-glazed terracotta materials – and avoid at any cost aluminium which can migrate into the food.
  3. Opt for FRESH, and SEASONAL food: to well prepare those ingredients is essential to avoid vitamin loss before and after cooking. Buy the suited quantities to eat within a week, rinse and do not soak, and if you can do not peel your products, or do it after cooking: lots of fruits and vegetables nutrients live in the skin!


What seasonal food should I take this summer in order to take good care of my hair?


  • Blackcurrants, plums and red peppers, summer must-haves, are naturally rich in vitamin C!

If we already told you about general virtues of vitamin C in our previous article Sun: how to prepare, protect and magnify the beauty of your hair? we wanted to go deeper regarding all the benefits they present for your hair.

Vitamin C helps collagen synthesis, would be useful to capillary growth by facilitating hair follicles, and also allows to prevent and cure hair dryness, by avoiding dehydration and drying of hair tips. Daily appropriate allowances of vitamin C will help restore and strengthen the natural shine of the hair, and to act directly on the natural color of the hair, since vitamin C contributes to sebum production regulation and to melanin synthesis, which are responsible of this phenomenon.

  • Fennel, a natural and seasonal treasure with infinite recipes and benefits!

Naturally rich in vitamins A, C, and vitamin B, fennel is also a great source of fiber because it contains potassium, folate, molybdenum and manganese.

It also contains several minerals and oligo-elements such as phosphorus, iron, copper and even calcium. Fennel’s seeds are good for women hormonal balance, thanks to phytoestrogens, flavonoids and phytonutrients.
For your hair, fennel helps prevent skin aging and to renew capillary tissues, thanks to natural antioxidants and essential amino acids it contains.

  • Melon & carrots, for your fresh summer meals

Both melon and carrots belong to carotenoids family, but they will have different results on our hair:

Melon contains a lot of B7 vitamins, which help stimulate hair growth. Also rich in antioxidants, vitamins and mineral salts, it helps protect skin cells and to strengthen immune system from solar rays.

Carrots and in particular its beta-carotene content are perfect to naturally hydrate the hair!


ABSOLOGY®, the food complement brand which provides you with the best of natural nutrients and preserved virtues


Science and nature expertise has strengthen Absology’s ability to develop each day natural, patented and scientifically proven efficiency formulas – by making it able to meticulously select nutrients which will have targeted benefits on your hair, and will always be adapted to your needs.

To fight against hair loss, stimulate growth and keep a healthy scalp, we recommend Stop & Grow Hair with:

  • Artichoke, to help preserve the scalp
  • Patented millet oil, to diminish hair loss by 50% and help hair growth
  • Biotin, to improve hair structure and resistance
  • Iron, for a better scalp oxygenation

If you’re looking for a revitalizing and protecting haircare, we recommend Healthy & Glowy Hair with:

  • Vitamin complex A, E which contributes to protect from free radicals of solar rays and pollution
  • Patented millet oil, to improve density, volume and shine of the hair and which decrease scalp dryness by 67%
  • Vitamin K pour to help prevent from skin aging

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